Your Taurus Season Astro Love & Money Outlook

Welcome to Taurus Season, babe! We’re finally shifting gears after the roller coaster of Eclipse Season and the start of the new energetic year. This is a season of stabilization as we allow the recent changes to coalesce in our material reality.

This astro outlook will give you a look ahead into the current energy of the cosmos, so you can work with this energy to powerfully co-create with the Universe. 

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Important Dates

Taurus Season: April 19th–May 20th
Full Moon in Scorpio: 4/23
Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: 4/20
Mercury Direct: 4/25
New Moon in Taurus: 5/7
Sun conjunct Uranus: 5/14
Sun conjunct Jupiter: 5/19


Okay, babes. We’ve got a bit of a challenging month ahead for our relationships as Venus, the ruler of the South Node in Libra, moves through North Node territory. This tells us we’re done playing nice, and we’re ready to embark on new journeys in our relationships based on independence and freedom. Mars, the masculine energy and ruler of the North Node in Aries, moves through Pisces, showing how ready we are to let go of what isn’t aligned with our hearts anymore. Don’t fight for it if you don’t have the strength, baby. There’s no room for forcing things anymore. If it’s not there, let it go.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will be the most challenging moment of the season, peaking on April 23rd and showing the deep shadows of control that need to be released. A push from Pluto in Aquarius to this intense Full Moon is seeking liberation from old stagnant patterns and toxic behaviors. Free yourself from your shadows. 

As we move deeper into Taurus Season, Venus moves into her territory and starts walking closer to the Sun, enhancing the desire for physical connection, working with ourselves, and pursuing our true desires. It seems that love wants to be in the air, but first we need to make space for it to happen. Don’t fear the clearing. Let the release happen, and trust the process will make room for love to bloom.

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ARIES: This season is all about self-love for you, bb! A time of processing endings and finishing karmic debts to love yourself in a whole new way.

TAURUS: Closures and the release of toxic traits in your relationships is needed; you’re creating a new ground for love to flourish again.

GEMINI: Past lovers might come for you, babe, but do you really want that again? Connect with a new circle; friends are the love you need now, along with healing your inner child.

CANCER: Dear Cancer, a beautiful community is growing around you, supporting this new path you are embarking on, and it seems it wants you to start opening up for real love.

LEO: For you, baby, foreign lovers are calling, people that make you grow and teach you new ways of connecting. Be open to a transformation in how you used to experience relationships.

VIRGO: Virgo, baby, healing your trust issues is a must this season; to be ready for what's coming, you have to address those inner wounds first.

LIBRA: It seems that love is in the air for you this month, honey, but in ways that say you cannot be who you used to be; let go of those old behaviors, and open to new kinds of connections.

SCORPIO: Even though life is putting amazing new people out there for you, dear, the healing journey must commence with your habits and the release of old patterns of control.

SAGITTARIUS: Dear Sag, you are the sign blessed for love this season. Hello, hot and spicy romance! But addressing your childhood wounds and releasing people who are no good for you must come first.

CAPRICORN: If someone is fertile and loving this season, it is you, baby Cap. For kids and for love, the need to go back to your roots calls. Time to build the base you want for this new stage of life.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius, love, the universe wants you to have more stability and emotional security this season, but you need to balance work and home first while learning to express your vulnerability.

PISCES: Babes, you are full of passion this season! While you work on your self-worth and let go of old beliefs, you will open up to a truer expression of love.


Cha-ching, cha-ching, bbs! Not only are the Sun and Venus moving through the sign of money and stability, but the most auspicious conjunction for expanding and reinventing our material opportunities happens this season: Jupiter–Uranus. 

In this 13 year cycle, the Universe tells us to be ready with those creative and out-of-the-box ideas for expanding your wallet. This is especially good for Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and if you have planets around degree 20 of those signs.

Even though the opportunities for material growth are highlighted this season, it all starts with a huge “Wait for it, bb!” Mercury keeps retrograding until April 25th, and the days around the change of direction are usually complicated ones. A big NO on big online purchases these days. Much better days for money decisions and actions start after the New Moon on May 7th.

Planets moving into Taurus will face Pluto in Aquarius, enhancing the need to change our old behaviors around money. The intense Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23rd will show any imbalances in our investments and a necessary release of toxic traits regarding money or the self-worth that took us there.

The skies are telling us we need a healthier economic base for the growth we want to see this year.

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ARIES: BIG season for you, bb. Opportunities for growth and abundance are here, but PATIENCE first. No rush decisions before April 25th; pay off debts before investing in something else.

TAURUS: YOU are the abundance this season, honey, but first, address hidden things and sort out situations with potential business partners.

GEMINI: It seems like you are cooking something big, dear Gemini, but this ain’t the month to launch it. Your season featuring Jupiter in Gemini will bring the big green light you’ve been waiting for.

CANCER: Honey, you got the money this season! New career, new groups of friends. Yes, opportunities lie there! But the best dates for come after the New Moon in Taurus on May 7th.

LEO: Leo bb, a huge opportunity for your career is coming, but first you need to address things from home. Let go of the past and release toxic traits in relationships before moving into this new journey of abundance.

VIRGO: You got this, bb, even though your planet says wait for a bit. Reflect on what you want to invest in. Life is throwing amazing opportunities of growth to your face. Take them and TRUST (but with the proper time of reflection, of course lol).

LIBRA: OK, honey, you need to put your finances in order. Where has all that money been going? Wake up call for you, dear. The New Moon in Taurus will bring redemption, yes, but release your unhealthy money habits first.

SCORPIO: The universe wants you to partner up this season, bb, but first, address things regarding home and stability. Create a daily structure for the potential creative projects you want to invest in to make them THRIVE.

SAGITTARIUS: New work horizons for you, bb Sag! Working from home, teaching, and going abroad. Use your creativity and your voice! BUT notice your hidden self-sabotaging tendencies that block your abundance.

CAPRICORN: Sweetie, you got the ideas, you got the creativity, make it happen! If people around you are not supporting you, LET THEM GO. Recognize what needs to shift in your self-worth to unlock your abundance.

AQUARIUS: Yes, you are driven to create more stability, bb, but your over-analyzing tendencies need to be shut off. Less is more to create the stability you desire.

PISCES: Seems like money is coming to you honey! Use your voice! But an internal reprogramming is needed. Old beliefs deep in your subconscious are telling you it’s time for growth, and they ain’t helping.