Your Astro Love & Money Outlook for February

Whether you're navigating the highs and lows of romantic entanglements or seeking to manifest abundance in your material world, tapping into the energy of the planets and stars will help you navigate the complexities of both love and money with clarity and purpose. 

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We’re now in transformative and liberating energy for relationships. This month will push us to break free in many ways. We can’t go back to old ways of connection. We’ve now seen and felt our wounds… now we have to address them. New kinds of relationships arise from this, but time is running out for the ones unwilling to evolve. Before month-end, we are emotionally letting go of what is no longer needed while processing a new kind of commitment. Tune into your heart and trust the process. 

ARIES: BB, it’s time for healing and new beginnings. It’s time to ditch any relationships that don’t let you grow. Go out and connect with different kinds of people – you might be surprised with what you’ll find.

TAURUS: Life is telling you to stop trying to control the outcome and embrace what the Universe shows you. Focus on self-love right now. A great cycle for your career might begin, but change is needed from you.

GEMINI: New circle of friends are coming aligned to this new you that no longer wants to please others. Connect with friends or people from different cities. You will find your tribe and they’ll love you no matter what.

CANCER: Don’t be afraid and do it for yourself. Stop trying to prove your family or people from your past your worth. Focus on nurturing your own self-confidence. In doing so, you’ll empower yourself to pursue your dreams with strength and authenticity. Trust in your abilities and believe in your worthiness.

LEO: Take a leap of faith and travel somewhere new. Don’t overthink it. The struggles from last summer will make sense now, opening you to a new and liberating time for relationships.

VIRGO: Don’t forget your health and your habits, bb. It seems you are working deep below the surface and it shows with that glow in your skin. Reinvent yourself and connect with new people.

LIBRA: Oh babe, you know it’s time to shed that old people-pleasing shit. This is your time for romance and creative expression. Don’t let others tell you who you are or how you have to be.

SCORPIO: Stop running away and face it. The universe is calling to you to begin that new lifestyle you want. New beginnings in the home and family areas are coming, but with it, inevitable endings in friendships no longer aligned to you.

SAGITTARIUS: Your heart is screaming DO IT. You already know. It’s time to stop caring so much from what your friends think and express yourself in the most authentic way you can.

CAPRICORN: Home and family situations are calling to heal. A shift in your career might be necessary – and opportunities for money and abundance are on the way. It’s a whole lot of new-new.

AQUARIUS: It’s your season. The new cycle is for you and a time for liberation and new relationships, starting with yourself, is here. Don’t be afraid to use your voice, but be sure to let go of those old outdated beliefs.

PISCES: This season screams closure for you. Step out of the illusion of relationships and connect with your inner self. The universe tells you to stop complicating yourself and finally work in your self-worth. You are your own sugar daddy.

In February, the most important astro alignment of 2024 has begun — Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Taurus. This 13-year cycle of expansion, innovation and breakthroughs in technology happens in the sign of money, Taurus. February is the month to push forward creative ideas; we are in the need of finding new ways for earning money. The one’s rising are those aligned with the needs of society now. This is the time to invest in new technology supporting the environment, health and different banking systems. Many planets are moving from the sign of the past (Capricorn) to the sign of the future (Aquarius), so watch for people and companies stepping out of the ordinary and acting in unexpected ways.

ARIES: Invest in yourself and it will show in your career. Take time to enhance your skills or go after personal development opportunities. As you invest in your growth, doors of opportunity will open wider in your professional life.

TAURUS: Let it go. Less is more for you. Not a month for over-spending, but to save for the growth coming in April. Embrace simplicity and prioritize saving now to lay a strong foundation for the abundant opportunities that await you in the near future.

GEMINI: Invest in traveling or learning something that makes you grow. Great leap for your career, but don’t forget your time alone. Exploring new places or acquiring knowledge will not only enrich your mind but also contribute to your professional advancement. Remember to balance this with moments of solitude to recharge and reflect.

CANCER: Invest in NEW interests for you… they can give you a lot in the long run. Embrace fresh hobbies or things that ignite your passion. These new interests have the potential to bring unexpected rewards and enrich your life in ways you hadn't imagined.

LEO: Balance, bb! A full moon in your houses of money this month is saying don’t wait for reality to hit to start being aware of your expenses. Take proactive steps to manage your finances wisely, ensuring that your spending aligns with your financial goals. By staying mindful of your expenses, you can maintain financial stability and avoid unpleasant surprises.

VIRGO: Trust in your talent! Dare yourself to risk a bit and you will see the growth of facing those fears of security. Have confidence in your abilities and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. By taking calculated risks and pushing past your insecurities, you'll experience personal and professional growth beyond measure.

LIBRA: Life says start doing something you LOVE; therein lies the true value and opportunity of abundance. Follow your passions and pursue activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. By aligning your actions with desires, you'll unlock the prosperity that life has in store for you.

SCORPIO: A mix of work and play is what you need this season. Something that you love to create can be the beginning of a great work in progress. Love making jewelry? Start selling at your local market. This is a window to open up additional income and turn a hobby into a lucrative venture.

SAGITTARIUS: Time to get yourself to WORK. Don’t let fear or procrastination block the wave of abundance coming to you. Roll up your sleeves and take action towards your goals. Don't allow fear or procrastination to hinder your progress.

CAPRICORN: Ka-ching for you, bb! The effort you’ve put in your self-worth will show in your bank account. Keep creating what you love. Your dedication and hard work will pay off financially as you continue to pursue your passions and invest in yourself. Stay committed to your craft, and you'll reap the rewards you deserve.

AQUARIUS: Limits is the name of the game right now. Yes, liberation comes your way, but first, get your finances in order. Then let reality hit. Set boundaries and prioritize financial stability before seeking liberation in other aspects of your life. By establishing a solid financial foundation, you'll pave the way for greater freedom and opportunities in the future.

PISCES: Do it! TRUST and share it to the world. Release yourself from old financial and emotional debts. You owe it to yourself. Have faith in your abilities and share your talents with the world without reservation. By letting go of past burdens and embracing your true potential, you'll experience newfound freedom and fulfillment in both your personal and financial life.