Your Astro Love & Money Outlook for March

It’s a new month, and we’re approaching the new energetic year on March 21st with the beginning of Aries Season. This is a great time to cut ties with old programming and beliefs that aren’t serving you to make way for new opportunities, love, and abundance.

This astro outlook will give you a heads up on the current energy in the cosmos, so you can work with this energy to co-create in alignment with the Universe.

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3/2 Sun sextile Jupiter: Lucky day for money and love.

Venus square Uranus: Desire for breakthroughs. Watchout for unexpected expenses.

3/10 New Moon in Pisces: New cycle of manifestation and the beginning of Eclipse Season.

3/12 Venus enters Pisces and the Moon in the North Node: The desire for unconditional love and the hunger for new beginnings.

3/17 Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Bliss or chaos? Most important days for spiritual grounding and connection.

3/20 Aries Equinox and Mercury conjunct Chiron: The season of healing and new beginnings is here.

3/21 Venus joins Saturn in Pisces: Desire for commitment. Sign that deal, baby!

3/24 Venus sextile Jupiter: Lucky day for love, romance, and money.

3/25 Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Even with a desire for growth, some things must come to an end; let it go, and let it grow.

3/28 Venus sextile Uranus: Yes, we desire change. Change your look, and break free.


March might not begin like the greatest time for investments with Venus square Uranus and Mercury joining Neptune, but it is great for planning and visualizing what we want to manifest. After the New Moon in Pisces, which sextiles Uranus on the 10th, the Universe will be giving more green lights to our plans, especially those aligned with the needs of society and the environment. 

Notably, the Jupiter–Uranus conjunction keeps getting closer, so get prepared for rapid changes, technological advances, and more. On the 11th, Mercury sextiles Pluto, and this is perfect for going FBI mode on our money and investments. Open an investigation to see what’s coming in, what’s getting released, and if your resources are being used in alignment with your goals.

Mid-month the Sun has its annual conjunction with Neptune, and it might not be the greatest week for clarity. It’s recommended to avoid contract signing or impulsive money decisions these days; let the fog disappear before taking action. 

A couple of days later, Mercury conjuncts the North Node, and this might be the time for downloading the clarity we need to move forward. The Spring Equinox opens a new season featuring Venus conjunct Saturn and the Sun sextile Pluto. Beyond this point, we are ready to commit and have the power to move what it takes for our goals.

The month ends with Venus ruling the Lunar Eclipse in Libra aligned to both Jupiter and Uranus. We are letting go of the extra baggage of fake security and ready to gamble for a new kind of growth and freedom. March says, “Out with the old, in with the new!” We are done doing the same thing and are ready for a new kind of abundance; time to risk it.


ARIES: All that internal and backstage work you are doing will show in your bank account next month; keep at it.

TAURUS: Growth and abundance is coming your way, but first there are things you need to end.

GEMINI: Great opportunities for your career and social life this season, but don’t forget to balance with your alone time.

CANCER: Money opportunities from foreign lands or people are there for you to take. That great leap for your career is here; dare to face your fears.

LEO: Time to invest, baby. What are you giving your time and energy to? Huge opportunities for your career taking you to other places are around the corner, but the time to visualize them is now.

VIRGO: This season partnering with someone from a different place might be the key to making more money, notice your fears arising and reconcile with the idea of risking it. No pain no gain.

LIBRA: Time to put yourself to work. Discipline, my child. Opportunities for investments are close but first tend to your work relationships.

SCORPIO: A mix of work and play is what you need this season. Something that you love to create can be the beginning of a great work in progress.

SAGITTARIUS: Working from home or working on home related issues is what you need now. Use your creativity to expand the abundance coming your way.

CAPRICORN: Your ideas hold the money this season; express them with all your heart but, don’t forget about your home.

AQUARIUS: Yes, the opportunity for abundance is here, but you need to commit and create the necessary basis. 

PISCES: The game is on, baby. Commit to yourself and see the growth you’ve been expecting. No time for drama or disassociation; step up your game, and get ready to manifest.



In March, Venus and many planets move from Aquarius, the sign of the mind, to Pisces, the sign of unconditional love, telling us it's time to stop overthinking and act from the heart. The desire towards questioning and understanding moves to true connection of the soul, which is just in time for Eclipse Season to begin; the revolving door of karma starts moving, bringing people in and out of our lives.

The month begins with a Sun–Jupiter and Venus–Uranus configuration, showing how the desire for change is aligned to a consciousness of growth. If we learned something from February, it is that we are tired of being in an old stagnant place.

The second week of March, a New Moon in Pisces signals an opening for healing, romance, and transcendence, also marking the beginning of Eclipse Season. On the 12th, Venus moves to the sign of unconditional love, Pisces, enhancing the desire for soul-level relationships. The same day, the Moon joins the North Node in Aries, activating the energy of the upcoming Solar Eclipse with hints of what our heart wants for that moment. 

Mid-month, the Sun has its annual conjunction with Neptune that can either take us to heaven or hell, to the bliss of limitless connection to the universe or the chaos and the never-ending internal void. Are we in the extreme polarity of illusion or confusion? Time to ground yourself.

The Aries Equinox on the 20th shows a new season for healing since we are still under the influence of the Chiron–North Node conjunction, now with Venus joining Saturn telling us the desire for commitment is strong. It’s a great time for relationships that have been through a lot, a time for a renewal of vows.

At the end of the month, the Lunar Eclipse in Libra will show how much effort we’ve put into changing our old ways and into creating new dynamics in relationships based on independence instead of codependency. It’s an inevitable and familiar ending that marks either the end of a relationship or the previous stage of one. Will it be a time of harvest or consequences? Your effort in changing your old ways will tell.


ARIES: A season for big endings before even greater beginnings. Let it go, and break free. This is a necessary time for yourself.

TAURUS: Nurture your social connections and internal growth. Focus less on your daily work and more on your inner work.

GEMINI: New friends and groups of people appear but also the need for healing from your inner child. Step up in relationships; a good time for your career.

CANCER: Travel, baby. It seems love is abroad. Keep pushing through that great beginning in your career, and let go of old expectations from your past.

LEO: Leo, baby, the work is deep this month, but the possibility of growth is strong; the deeper you work, the further you'll go. Nurture your intimate relationships.

VIRGO: A season for more committed relationships for you. Don’t be afraid of opening up. Something wants to be healed from deep inside. Don’t forget to connect with international people.

LIBRA: Libra, baby, still shedding off that old skin. Keep pushing through. You already know what it is. Are you willing to let it go? The gifts will be big if you do so.

SCORPIO: The more you work on your habits and relationship with your body, the more you will open for love. Pursue creative projects in your work and keep connecting with people that make you grow.

SAGITTARIUS: Much attention to be paid to your home and relationships with family, but don’t forget to have time for romance. Can you work and play at the same time?

CAPRICORN: Something in your heart needs to be expressed, and something in your home needs to be addressed. There’s potential growth in creativity, and love is coming, but it starts with open-hearted communication.

AQUARIUS: Self-love, baby. That is your mantra this season. As you finally shed old beliefs, your mind gets clearer and your heart stronger.

PISCES: Pisces, baby, love is coming your way, but it can’t be like it was before. Limits, limits, limits! You’ve worked so much on your healing. Don’t complicate yourself, and first of all, honor your worth.