How to Use Affirmations to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind

Successful manifestation can feel elusive at times, but the process is actually simpler than we make it out to be. As humans, we love to over-complicate situations because we love having problems to solve. But in the realm of manifestation, energetic work, and learning to surrender, we have to resist this urge if we want to manifest swiftly and with ease.

So, here are a few powerful manifestation techniques, based on affirmations and the Law of Assumption, to make your dream life your reality. The better news? Good vibes are optional but not required for these techniques to still be highly effective. (You’ll see why.)

How Our Thoughts Shape Reality

To make these affirmation techniques more receptive to your logical brain, let’s start by unpacking how manifestation works and the mechanics of reality.

Separation is one of the greatest illusions of physical reality. In our human vessels, we are individualized and separate beings, but underneath this three-dimensional plane, we all come from the same cosmic force that permeates through everything in existence. 

Some call this force God; others call it the Universe or Source. The Hermetic philosophers preferred to term this eternal, enduring raw creative force as “The All.” As in the name, The All contains everything, and everything is contained within The All. 

There is no such thing as separation.

Right now, you and I happen to be living out one of the infinite dreams of God. We both contain the consciousness of God within us, and it’s the power of this consciousness that gets filtered through our human awareness to shape the reality we see before us. When we learn how to direct our awareness, we empower ourselves with the ability to create from nothing without limitations.

(And I truly mean without limitations. You’d be amazed at what suddenly becomes possible when you learn how to operate your conscious and subconscious mind in harmony with the energy of pure consciousness and creation.)

To satiate your logical palate, this is a phenomenon that’s also been observed by quantum physicists. Scientific models such as probability clouds and the famous double slit experiment have shown us that our human perception has the power to shape the placement and nature of physical matter in space and time. We don’t know where an electron is in relation to the nucleus of an atom until we look. The very act of perception has the power to shape how physical matter presents itself.

What does this have to do with using affirmations to reprogram the subconscious mind? This baseline understanding of how reality operates will give you a deeper understanding of how affirmations work, so you can use them the most effectively.

How Affirmations Reprogram the Subconscious 

Think of your three-dimensional reality as a show on television. This show has been broadcast through your awareness by your subconscious mind. 

Right now, since you’re reading this article, I imagine there are a few things that you’d like to change about the reality you’re experiencing. Maybe you want to manifest money, manifest better health, manifest a dream job, or put an end to certain levels of human suffering on the planet. Maybe you want to manifest a text from a specific person or manifest the love of your life.

All of these are possible when we learn how to harness the power of our subconscious mind, and affirmations are a great tool for subconscious reprogramming. 

Think of your conscious mind as the remote for the television program you’re experiencing in reality. If you keep hitting the button on the remote for the dream job, the dream partner, a better boss, a thriving business, or whatever your little ol’ heart desires, this impression embeds in your subconscious mind and, like the electron suddenly being in a certain place in reality, three-dimensional matter warps to create this for you. You can also experience this shift through a bridge of events, but do know that instant manifestation is possible.

By persisting in setting your intention for what you would like to see and experience in your 3D reality and affirming that it is here and now, your subconscious will be impregnated with your desire, and this desire will manifest via physical matter. 

As long as you detach yourself from the old story, assert the assumption your desire is here and now (by the Law of Assumption), and continue to hit that button on the remote that “My desire is already mine”, it will be created for you. Creation begins and ends in your mind when we work with the power of God.

So, here are three easy techniques to manifest your dream life with affirmations. 

Three Affirmation Techniques for Easy Subconscious Reprogramming 

Affirm Just Before and Just After Sleep

My Law of Assumption baddies know this tried and true technique. 

As you’re falling asleep and just as you wake, your conscious mind isn’t fully online, but your subconscious is. This state of consciousness was termed State Akin to Sleep, or SATS, by Neville Goddard

Essentially, when your brain is in this theta state, your subconscious is especially susceptible and open to impression. So, to harness this technique, you simply affirm yourself to sleep and affirm for a few minutes just as you wake up. 

How to Use This Technique: Let’s say you’re trying to manifest $10,000. To utilize this technique, all you do is repeat on a loop “I have $10,000” over and over and over again from the moment you lie down in bed to the time you fall asleep. 

There is no specific emotional state or vibration required. You really can think the thought with the same energy as saying “the sky is blue”, and this impression will still be made in your subconscious mind.

Another option is to visualize your desire. An exercise I often give to my clients is to visualize the amount they want to see in their bank balance. You can even go the extra mile and Photoshop a screenshot of your bank balance to make the image more crisp. Hold this image in your mind from the moment you’re in bed to the moment you fall asleep.

Easy peasy. 

Then during the day, stay detached from your results and live your best life. You’ll be amazed at what comes through for you. For more on manifesting money, be sure to check out my co-hosted workshop with Chris on Money Manifestation.

Pro Tip: Yes, this technique is THAT simple, and it yields amazing results. Resist the temptation to make it more complicated than it is. Really, just try it out for a week or two and see what happens. You’re already going to sleep anyway, so why not see just how powerful of an intentional creator you are?

Robotic Affirming

Confession: Personally, I found the Law of Attraction to be very difficult to utilize. It really built up this expectation of what I call an “abundance purity mindset” where I was policing my thoughts 24/7 and shame spiraling myself for not being high-vibrational enough. 

The world is enough like 1984 as it is, and I just didn’t want to add that pressure to myself.

Enter: Robotic Affirming.

The wonderful thing about robotic affirming is that, like the method above, it requires no good vibes. An affirmation is just an intentionally chosen thought. Repeated enough times, you make an impression on your subconscious mind, and this impression then forms within physical reality via the mechanics we discussed earlier. 

Yes, bolstering that with your current emotional energy can help (more on how to do that below even if you’re in a piss poor mood). But the great thing about robotic affirming is that it’s power comes through repetition. 

We think about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Robotic affirming displaces thoughts that feature the shit you don’t want with the desires you actually do want. Affirmed enough times, and this becomes your new normal and expectation.

How to Use This Technique: Let’s say you want to manifest a date with a specific person (hereby dubbed the classic nickname, SP). What you’re going to do is come up with an affirmation (or three) that affirm you already have that date. It’s not coming to you. It’s not on its way. It’s here and now. (Or bonus points, it’s already happened.)

Some examples might be:
• My date with SP is today.
• My date with SP was so good. It went so well.
• What should I wear for my date with SP?

(The last one is especially fun because it really puts you in the state that this date is here, in the books, and you’re already in the fun part of planning for it.)

Then, you simply repeat this affirmation over and over. Then over and over. Then over and over and over again. Some people like to make it a game of affirming something ten thousand times. There’s some neuroscience research out there that talks about how a new neural pathway is made after ten thousand thoughts, but if this will make affirming feel like a chore for you, don’t sweat it.

The key here is repetition. Play this affirmation on a loop as much as you can.

Remember, an affirmation is just an intentionally chosen thought. With enough repetition, the impression will be made on your subconscious that this date is a very real thing, and then, vavoom! Date set. It’s now here in your 3D.

Pro Tip: Affirm and persist. That is the not-so-secret advantage of this technique. Everytime you catch yourself looking at the 3D asking, “Where are my results?” Reaffirm another 10x that you already have your desire. It’s already here. It’s yours. You are powerful. You are limitless. Everything you want is already yours. We’re affirming, persisting, and displacing the old story until the new one materializes. The end.

Affirm in Alignment with Your Emotional State

Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you to be high vibrational all the time. You’re allowed to be human in this process, and if we employ the Law of Assumption (i.e., what you assume is your reality), you can even affirm that you get whatever you want no matter your emotional state. I’ve even written affirmation scripts for clients that include affirmations like “Every time I’m pissed off, my manifestations appear even faster. Every doubt I have only makes my desires more apparent in my 3D.”

Our emotions contain energy, and if we harness this emotional energy to our advantage, we can truly hit the accelerator on the manifestation process. (And as always, remember that creation begins and ends within you alone—not when something materializes in the 3D.)

How to Use This Technique: Affirm based on how you’re feeling from the perspective your desire is already yours. Feeling annoyed? Affirm how annoying it is that you always get what you want. Affirm how obnoxious it is that you can’t stop manifesting all your desires so damn fast. Affirm how frustrating it is that everything you desire shows up instantly. Isn’t it so annoying you already have everything you want? I know, right?

Or if you’re feeling disappointed in the process (a totally human and okay feeling to have), you can affirm, “Even when I feel terrible, my results are still here and mine. Disappointment only magnetizes my desires to me faster. I’m already a master manifester, so of course I manifest on command even when I feel frustrated/disappointed/worried/doubtful/etc.”

On the flip side of the emotional spectrum, whenever you’re feeling especially good, use that energy to emotionally charge your affirmations. Go on a rampage, script out all your desires, breathe through the feeling of having everything you want and imagine all that positive energy shooting out from your crown chakra and sprinkling the world with goodness and joy.

Pro Tip: The key here isn’t to resist what emotional state you’re in but to work with it to your advantage. And if you need a break, take it. Or if you’re feeling really heavy in the feels and you don’t feel like affirming or manifesting, give yourself a day to just feel whatever is there. Cry, pout, vent it out, do what you have to do to support yourself and release everything that’s coming up. I always give myself one full day to throw the most melodramatic pity party for myself and be as bitchy about the process as I need to, and I always feel 100x better the next day.

We feel the feelings to move them through, but we don’t set up camp in our despair. If you need extra support releasing baggage from your old stories, I recommend Chris’ Cord Cutting Candle Magic Workshop.

Your emotions have powerful energy that can be harnessed to support your process, but as we saw with the two techniques above, if emotional regulation is difficult for you, there are other techniques to work with in the meantime. The power of creation doesn’t lie in the technique: It’s all on you. You are the operant power of creation, and these techniques give us fun ways to learn how to wield our creative power and magic as powerful manifesters.

So, keep going. Keep believing in yourself, and rest in the knowing your desires are already yours. God put these desires in your heart for a reason. The very act of desiring is met with the act of fulfillment as long as we don’t give up.

Pro Tips to Supercharge Your Affirmations

• Don’t stalk your results. You inform the 3D of what you’d like, not the other way around.
• Live your life to the fullest. Dare to care and be invested in your own well-being and the well-being of all since we are all connected, after all.
Remember that everything you desire is already yours. There is no separation between you and that which you want. It’s already yours. We affirm to remind ourselves of what we already have.
• Do persist, but also take breaks when you need them. It’s really fine. If you’re getting obsessive and controlling and making yourself miserable, take a step back. This process is meant to enrich your life, not be a thing you force to get what you want.
• The power of creation lies in you, not the technique or the specific affirmation. You are the operant power of creation, along with the innate divinity within you.
• Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be creative, and have fun.