The Eclipse Season Portal Brings Transformation, Renewal & Rapid Shifts

We’re about to enter an Eclipse Portal, a threshold between the old and the new, where the shadow cast by the eclipse mirrors the shadow aspects within ourselves and society. It's a time for releasing stagnant energy, shedding outdated patterns, and embracing change. 

Eclipse Season, marked by the period between a lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, is a powerful time of transformation and renewal. As the Sun or Moon disappears from our view during an eclipse, we’re given the opportunity for personal or collective change. This time calls us into a period of reflection, reassessment, and release, ultimately leading to transformation in our inner and outer worlds.

During an eclipse, the cosmic forces of light and dark come into balance, fostering energetic harmony within ourselves and in the world around us. We’re invited to evaluate the current trajectory of our lives. If things continue as they are, what destination are you headed towards? Eclipse Season offers powerful energies to align you on the path of your highest good.

Expect to let things go that no longer serve you, such as behaviors, limiting beliefs, projects, people, habits, addictions, and anything else keeping you stuck in a lower vibration of consciousness and wellbeing. As we cut things loose and snip away at old energetic ties, it’s also good to set intentions for the changes we want to see in our lives. Eclipses are powerful manifestation portals, as they amplify our intentions to co-create with the Universe.

Through meditation, ritual, and mindful reflection, you can harness the energies of Eclipse Season to support your journey into self-discovery and evolution. We’ll circle back on these practices and more at the end of this article, but first, let’s get into each eclipse and the energy ahead, plus an important transit happening during Eclipse Season.


The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra happens on March 25th, bringing our focus to our relationships and needs. Old conflicts may rise to the surface, so they can be dealt with and released. This is a good time to see if you can bring yourself to the conversation in a new way. 

Any relationships not aligned with our growth may be falling away. Be prepared for closures and transitions. Reflecting back to October 2023, this eclipse opens questions about what we’ve learned since, what boundaries we’ve set, and what behaviors we’ve shed. Where else do we need to tighten things up or loosen our grip to allow our relationships to support our highest good? 

On March 28th, Venus, the ruler of this eclipse, sextiles Uranus, emphasizing a collective desire for freedom and a willingness to liberate ourselves from old patterns. Stagnant relationships and cycles come to a close, freeing us up to grow and expand into new territories and new ways.


As we journey deeper into Eclipse Season, April serves as a major turning point of 2024. We start the month off with Mercury stationing retrograde in Aries on April 2nd and Venus joining Neptune in the last degrees of Pisces. This is a time when illusions may cloud reality, so caution is advised when making big decisions or signing contracts.

The energy might feel a bit chaotic, leaving us feeling irritable and frustrated. Exercise patience when possible with yourself and others. Give yourself grace and leave extra room for typical Mercury Retrograde mishaps, like scheduling and technological issues. It’s important to note that this is a great time for brainstorming. Your mind and creativity will serve you well. However, we’re likely to overlook important details if we rush to turn our thoughts into action. Act with intention. When possible, letting things marinate for twenty-four hours (or more) will be your best friend.


The Sun’s alignment with the North Node on April 5th signals the impending Solar Eclipse, bringing a heightened awareness of evolution and empowerment to the foreground. Messages of the upcoming Solar Eclipse may come through, so stay open to receiving downloads and guidance.

On April 8th, we have the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, the real beginning of the year. This is a loud moment when we may see life-changing, predestined events aligning in service of our personal and collective growth. Expect rapid changes and shifts. It’s a good time to leave extra room where you can to allow for quick pivots if necessary.

This eclipse brings a lot of Aries energy, which can leave us feeling bogged down or constrained in our relationships. Creating space to listen to your own thoughts and needs will help us tune into the messaging of this eclipse without lashing out at others from a reactionary space. It’s wise to go with the flow at this time. Attempting to wrestle control from the Universe might leave you burnt out. Remember that this cycle is designed to help us heal and integrate our wounds with bravery. 

This is a potent time for initiating change. A day after the New Moon, the Sun joins Chiron, helping us reconcile with pain and realizing how empowering it can be to embrace discomfort. If we allow it, it’s possible to emerge from this process completely reborn.


Engaging in rituals and other spiritual practices during Eclipse Season holds profound significance as it allows you to harness the heightened energies of this cosmic phenomenon for personal transformation and growth. Rituals help you align with the larger rhythms of the Universe, creating sacred space for reflection, release, and renewal. Whether you do this through meditation, prayer, energy work, or other spiritual practices, participating in rituals during Eclipse Season provides an opportunity to deepen your connection with the divine and explore the depths of the subconscious. These practices serve as anchors amidst the swirling energies of change, offering guidance, clarity, and support to navigate the shifts occurring within and around you. 

Here are some rituals and practices to help you work with this energy:

Journaling: Putting pen to paper becomes a powerful tool for self-exploration and introspection during Eclipse Season. By journaling your thoughts, feelings, and observations, you can gain clarity about your inner landscape and the changes you want to manifest in your life. Journal prompts related to eclipses, such as reflecting on what aspects of your life are ready for transformation or exploring your deepest desires, can guide your writing practice.

Meditation: Meditation during Eclipse Season helps you connect with the subtle energies at play and delve into your inner wisdom. Through mindfulness practices, you can observe the shifts occurring within yourself and attune to the energies surrounding you. Meditating on themes like release, renewal, and alignment with your true purpose can deepen your spiritual journey during this potent time.

Reflection: Self-reflection is essential during Eclipse Season as it allows you to examine your beliefs, behaviors, and relationships. Take time to contemplate the patterns that no longer serve you and the areas of your life where you seek growth and expansion. Reflecting on past experiences and how they have shaped you can provide valuable insights for your ongoing evolution.

Intention Setting: Setting intentions during Eclipse Season aligns your energy with your desires and goals. Whether it's setting intentions for personal growth, career advancement, or spiritual development, clarifying your intentions during this time can amplify manifestation potential. Write down your intentions and visualize them with clarity and heartfelt emotion to harness this transformative power.

Energy Clearing: Practices such as smudging with sage, using crystals, or engaging in energy healing modalities help release stagnant or negative energy from your energetic field. During Eclipse Season, when the cosmic energies are heightened, it's beneficial to regularly clear your energy to maintain balance and alignment. Set aside time for rituals that resonate with you to cleanse and purify your energy during this transformative period.

Self-Care: Self-care practices are essential for nurturing your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being during Eclipse Season. Prioritize activities that replenish your energy and nourish your soul, whether it's spending time in nature, indulging in creative pursuits, or engaging in relaxation techniques like yoga or massage. Cultivating self-compassion and self-love during this time supports your inner transformation and empowers you to embrace the changes unfolding in your life.

Want more? Watch our Eclipse Portal workshop, and tap into a community and collective of people who also want to harness and work with the powerful energy of Eclipse Season.