Your Gemini Season Astro Love & Money Outlook

Playful. Curious. Chatty. And FUN! It’s Gemini Season, babe. We’ve got a lot of transits happening in the social butterfly of the zodiac this season, so expect it to be as Gemini as they come!

This astro outlook will give you a look ahead into the current energy of the cosmos, so you can work with this energy to powerfully co-create with the Universe. 

This Gemini Season, we have the Venus Star Point in Gemini, enhancing energies around love, romance, abundance. If you want to give your wallet a lil extra love, take the Money Manifestation workshop. Your whirlwind romance with money awaits.

It’s also worth noting that while exciting, Gemini energy can be a lot on the mind. Mental health support is a MUST this Gemini Season. So, if you’re feeling the drain from old connections, lovers, friendships, and others, let’s snip, snip that out of your energy with the Cord Cutting workshop. The lightness and relief you’ll feel on the other side will be perfectly in season!

Important Dates

Gemini Season: May 20th–June 20th
Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 23
Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus: May 23
Jupiter moves to Gemini: May 25
Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries: May 30
Venus Star Point in Gemini: June 3
New Moon in Gemini: June 6
Mercury Cazimi - conjunct Sun: June 14


Ok, babes, love this season is LIT! Planets moving through the social butterfly energy of Gemini will enhance our desires for going out and connecting with new kinds of people. Yes, you heard that: NEW kinds of people. The South Node in Libra has been teaching us about letting go of codependency, and during this season, its ruler, Venus, will have a Venus Star Point that takes us back to summer 2023 when she went retrograde in Leo and we questioned our desires deeply. This season, the South Node is positively touched by the Gemini crew to help realize you are ready to let go of your ex or your old patterns in relationships.

We are entering a new stage for relationships: Jupiter connecting to Venus and Pluto is telling us that beliefs around them are changing, and now mental connection, being heard, and feeling you can be your authentic self will start being no-conditionals.

Mars this season will make us confront our wounds when connecting with Chiron, but then moving to Taurus says it's all for the greater commitment we desire. It all ain’t easy of course; our dear Venus will face a square from Saturn in Pisces that highlights the need for clarity and boundaries. Babe, if you already know it's not there, why do you keep losing your precious time? No time for drama.

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ARIES: You are the fire this season! Your planet next to Chiron is a call to action in your healing journey, and the VSP says you could be IN for love if you know how to express yourself.

TAURUS: Inner work this season bb. You are GROWING and GLOWING. A new stage of self-love is beginning.

GEMINI: Uh, babe, love is really on your side this season, romantic or friend wise. The universe wants you out there taking space.

CANCER: Cancer, honey, this season for you is to heal the past for you to open up to new possibilities of love next season.

LEO: Your job this season is to SHINE in your community, and friend, weirdly, it will open up possibilities for love (especially while traveling and/or with foreigners).

VIRGO: Virgo, bb, keep healing inside and address those intimacy issues. It will open yourself to paths you did not even think you could walk before.

LIBRA: Ok, sweetie, it seems like you are one of the blessed for love this season, BUT it will be proportional to how much you are willing to address the “healing”, and it looks like you wont be healing alone.

SCORPIO: For you, my love, this season wants you to walk uncomfortable paths for deeper and intimate healing, but all because life says you are ready for something bigger in love.

SAGITTARIUS: If there is a winner in romance this season, it's you, lil Sag. Life really wants you to have new and better love stories (not like last summer), but don’t forget to take care of baby you.

CAPRICORN: For you Cappy, life says relationships are built on a daily basis or you are creating a better work relationship. Either way, it looks very inspiring.

AQUARIUS: Sweetie, this month is all about love for you and how you express it. Dare yourself to heal that voice, and open your heart.

PISCES: Babes, for you, before thinking about love, you gotta be thinking about SELF-LOVE and addressing family issues. Do this, and next season will be the bomb.


Time to talk about money, honey! And it looks like Gemini Season brings great opportunities for expanding our material wealth with Jupiter moving into Gemini and the Venus Star point but all before June 8th, plus the constant square to Saturn in Pisces telling us to either restrict the need for unnecessary expenses and to double check anything you buy online.

As the season starts, Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus on May 23rd, activating the Jupiter–Uranus conjunction and making great days for investments (especially in technology), and the Sun trining Pluto makes the end of May good money- and investment-wise. We’ll see the seeds of the previous season start growing.

On June 4th, Mercury joins Jupiter in Gemini and trines Pluto, making amazing days for launches and sales between June 2nd and June 8th. Beyond this point is when we must hold a tighter grip on our wallets if we want the growth to keep steady. 

The Mercury cazimi on June 14th can bring clarity for things we started back in April, the following conjunction to Venus and square from both to Neptune tells us that not everything is as it seems. We could be idealizing certain opportunities, so it’s better to wait till the 26th for important decisions.

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ARIES: Time to invest in what you want to see GROW, but look out for hidden things that can limit that growth.

TAURUS: Babes, you are blessed with the money fairy this month, but too many social events or commitments can block that. Also be wise in how you spend your energy.

GEMINI: Yes, honey, you are growing! But money-wise, you should be more mindful. Less is more.

CANCER: Ok bb, this year, you are working on transforming your relationship with money, and this month is about doing the inner work.

LEO: This season, you have to be a go-getter. Opportunities are there in your social circle.

VIRGO: Finally bb, thi$ month i$ for you! All your material houses actively say you could be making great deals for the future. Even if you don’t see the money yet, TRUST, but be your personal PR.

LIBRA: If you aren’t doing it yet, it’s time to get your money opportunities either abroad or with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. Trust me.

SCORPIO: Amazing time for investments, dear. You already know how to be the FBI with your money, but now learn to limit spending on unnecessary pleasures. 

SAGITTARIUS: Ok babes, relationships and home/family are taking your attention from where it needs to be money-wise: your work and expanding your business abroad.

CAPRICORN: Werk-werk-werk for you, bb. Do the adjustments needed in your work and lifestyle because that will create growth in your career and money.

AQUARIUS: Babes, you might not be seeing the material growth you want now, but the focus you are giving to your creative pursuit will cash out eventually. Just be mindful of your resources.

PISCES: Limits and responsibilities are your key words this season, especially if you want your stability to grow or the possibility of having a new home.