By Chris Corsini
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Your comprehensive tarot compass of every month in 2024

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About this offering

The 2024 Forecast provides in-depth advice and details on your Sun, Moon, Rising placements for the year ahead. You can also journey through a month-by-month energetic overview, oracle cards, pick-a-piles and more. This informative guide will certainly support you navigating the year ahead, including insights on how to align with and benefit from the energetic shifts taking place for you.

In this self-paced series of video modules, Chris will channel guidance directly from Spirit about the challenges, opportunities, tarot, and numerology of 2024, so you have a complete roadmap of the months ahead. As always, these videos are accessible in English and ASL. They also feature easy-to-navigate video chapters and timestamps to jump around as you wish. 

You’ll have a complete look at what’s going to happen in 2024 (before it even happens!), and you can also revisit the guidance inside as we progress throughout the year. With 12 tarot forecasts for each sign, you can get readings for your sun (identity), moon (emotional), venus (money/love), and rising signs (how you move through the world) to navigate your year with ease. Don’t miss out on the chance to see what’s in store for you all next year!

What you’ll receive

  • In-Depth Breakdown of What’s Coming For You & The Collective This Upcoming Year
  • Intuitive Tarot Forecasts for a Yearly Overview of all 12 Signs, Including Your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars, and All Other Placements
  • A Monthly Breakdown Detailing What You Should / Shouldn’t Be Doing
  • Added Pick-A-Piles and Yes/No Tarot Pulls To Help With Decision Making
  • The 2024 Tarot Archetype, Oracle Cards, and Numerology of the Year Ahead
  • The Best and Worst Timing for Big Decisions and the Biggest Opportunities Ahead
  • Chapter Markers, Time Stamps, ASL Interpreters, Captions, And Much More!

This includes

  • On-demand video icon On-demand video
  • Access on all devices icon Access on all devices
  • Certificate of completion icon Certificate of completion
    Chris Corsini

    Chris has emerged as an advocate for profound self-discovery, inclusion and diversity, and holistic well-being. Those who have experienced his energy, teachings and insight — whether through workshops, social media, music, podcasts or personal readings — experience profound shifts in their lives. He continues to extend himself and his knowledge through resources that support individual growth and collective transformation.


I'm only about halfway through this video and already know this is the best investment I've made all year.

- Aemi K

LOVING the Tarot Forecast! It is amazing, my third year purchasing and it is the best purchase I make all year! This work Chris does is life changing. Thank you to him and all of you on his team for making these resources! He has such a gift.

- Brandi B

AMAZING! I listened, LAUGHED, understood everything you were sharing. This was incredible and I'll listen again because sometimes when you hear something the second time, you get even more messages. Thank you, thank you ,thank you, Chris!!!

- Tiffany K

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone! No matter what your level of familiarity is with astrology, you’ll find the information useful, valuable and relevant in all of our workshops, courses, classes and other content. Chris takes care to explain the energetic forces at work behind each moon cycle, planetary transit, zodiac season, tarot card, or topic he is covering, so you walk away with new levels of understanding, whether you’re an astrology novice or an advanced practitioner. 

Each workshop is unique, and structured around different concepts and energies. Review the details on the page for each event for complete information. In most workshops, you can expect a rundown of the astrology, how to work with and apply this energy, some additional tarot insight, channeled messages, and a brief meditation or energy clearing to help your reset and realign. Most workshops and classes also come with bonus materials like workbooks or worksheets to expand on and continue your learning. But what you’ll always get is a new level of clarity and insight into the forces at work, set by the cosmos, to apply to your life and create a sense of empowerment moving forward.

We believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves, and that access to holistic, community-based healing and expansion practices are essential for personal and collective transformation. But not everyone can always afford to pay for these resources. Donations make it possible for us to provide some of our workshops in the most affordable way possible, so that this knowledge and support is accessible to all. Additionally, Chris supports a wide range of marginalized communities through offering his platform as a space to elevate their voices and hands, and gives back 11% of profits to charitable causes, including Deaf and Disabled populations, marginalized communities, BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, sustainability projects, Indigenous communities, and more. Your donations help make this possible and we are forever grateful for your support.

We are constantly adding new events and offerings, so the best way to stay informed about new live workshops is by joining our email newsletter subscription, our text message service, or by following @chriscorsini closely on Instagram. Our recurring workshops happen on each New Moon, Full Moon, and Zodiac Season. Our other events are a mix of live and pre-recorded video.

We’re adding all kinds of great new materials on astrology, tarot, crystals, manifestation, grounding, energy work, rituals and more, so you have more choices in where you want to dive deeper. And you can always get free information on these topics on Chris’ Instagram @chriscorsini and by signing up for our free email newsletter subscription. If interested, you can also sign up for text messages from Chris here

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