Inward Boutique and Wellness, Inc. (IBW) is actively sourcing for immediate hire in the following position. All applicants considered must be fluent in English. IBW is an equal-opportunity employer and is proud to provide equal employment opportunities to all job seekers. We are actively committed to ensuring that no individual is discriminated against on the grounds of age, disability, gender, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity/paternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Equity and diversity are at the core of our recruitment policy because we believe that they foster creativity and efficiency. We believe that our diversity makes us whole. IBW will continue to support our communities and uphold our company beliefs.

TITLE: Video Editor Assistant

OVERVIEW: Reporting to the Marketing Operations Director and Video Director, the Assistant Video Editor collaborates with the video production team, contributing to video creation and post-production. This role involves conducting online research for specific video topics and producing efficient, fast-paced videos.


  • Organize and manage video assets to streamline the editing process.
  • Edit footage to create cohesive and engaging videos.
  • Incorporate graphics and effects to enhance visual appeal.
  • Ensure seamless transitions for a polished viewing experience.
  • Contribute to the creative vision of projects, aligning with the team's goals.
  • Perform online research for targeted video content and produce rapid-paced videos in response.


  • Education: Holds a degree in film studies, cinematography, or related field.
  • Motivation: Highly driven for Production Planning, Editing & Videography.
  • Experience: Proficient in video equipment, editing tools (e.g., Premiere, After Effects), and digital technology.
  • Detail Focus: Skilled in transitions, edits, and quick cuts, staying updated with trends.
  • Organization: Efficiently tracks engagement across diverse social media platforms.
  • Social Media: Proficient in Instagram, TikTok & YouTube.
  • Adaptability: Comfortable with a fast-paced, change-centric startup environment.


    You will know you are succeeding in this position when:

    Organizational & Coordination Skills: 

    • Efficient Workflow: Streamline editing processes for timely project completion.
    • Deadline Management: Prioritize tasks to meet tight schedules without compromising quality.
    • Team Harmony: Tune into the video manager for project insights and feedback, promoting seamless collaboration with creatives and talent.
    • Schedule Coordination: Manage deadlines and resources effectively.
    • Progress Tracking: Monitor project and revisions for smooth workflow.
    • File Organization: Efficiently manage media assets and project files.
    • Clear Communication: Maintain open communication with stakeholders.
    • Adaptability: Adjust to changing project requirements and industry trends.
    • Problem Solving: Address challenges creatively during editing.
    • Fast Equipment: The ideal candidate should possess a high-performance equipment setup capable of rapid video editing to meet the demands of fast-paced production.

    Skilled & Detail-Oriented:

    • Creative Mastery: Capture studio-quality photographs and video, utilizing Adobe Premiere and other Adobe Creative Suite tools for captivating storytelling.
    • Seamless Editing: Skillfully manipulate, edit, and arrange film pieces for compelling narratives.
    • Enhanced Visuals: Elevate content through improved lighting, coloring, and seamless integration.
    • Artistic Fusion: Integrate music, dialogues, graphics, and effects to enrich storytelling impact.
    • Narrative Flow: Ensure logical sequencing, resulting in a smooth and engaging viewing experience.
    • Professional Impact: Elevate content quality, maintain consistency, and optimize for platform engagement.

    Proficient with Computers:

    • Technical Mastery: Manage and oversee video recording and editing processes with adept computer skills.
    • Strategic Branding: Develop an overarching video brand messaging.
    • Innovative Integration: Continuously explore and implement cutting-edge editing technologies and industry best practices for enhanced efficiency.

    Specific Required Tasks:

    • Craft imaginative 20-second videos tailored for social media engagement.
    • Skillfully assemble interview-style scenes to convey compelling narratives.
    • Create captivating short clip edits with seamless transitions for music videos.
    • Produce concise clips featuring quick tips, sound healing guides, and interactive games.
    • Edit full videos and short clips spanning diverse topics such as tarot, workshops, sound baths, Reels Spells, and ASL translations.
    • Design mesmerizing visuals to accompany recorded audio with nature-themed backgrounds (forest, beach, etc.).


    Our immediate needs require someone entirely fluent in American English with a Strong Capacity to Communicate via/Comprehend Written English; Additionally, we are seeking an individual who possesses a good machine/equipment for video editing and rendering, demonstrating a high level of proficiency in this area. We require someone who is extremely open-minded, supportive of diverse lifestyles and beliefs, and is available for a remote part-time position (20 hr/week).

    This role will involve working collaboratively to understand business and customer needs, and the ability to deliver high-quality video editing and rendering output.

    To apply for this position, please fill out the form here: