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Libra Season brings energy that emphasizes balance, beauty, harmonious relationships, and artistry. Diplomacy and charm become guiding forces, inviting us to navigate conflicts with grace and to celebrate both inner and outer beauty.

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This Tarot Forecast is an amazing tool to help you align your 2023 goals and intentions with the themes and energy of the year.

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Crystal Alchemy: Harnessing the Power of Crystals for Love, Abundance and Transformation

Discover the beautiful world of crystals and their energy, selecting and caring for them, and how to use them on your spiritual journey.

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Moon Magic: Your Guide to Moon Rituals

Explore moon rituals and astrology, diving deeper into the ways in which these forces influence our lives, exploring moon phases, energies and rituals you can practice, and discovering how to live in harmony with the moon and stars.



“Chris, I just love your videos and your energy so much. They always leave me feeling so seen and I leave laughing, in a good mood. You brighten my spirit AND I had so many synchronistic moments throughout this workshop. I’m just in awe. Thank you so much… really, really, really from the bottom of my heart thank you for being you and sharing you with the world.”

— Skylar K.

“Thank you for these workshops. You are so insightful and accurate with these readings especially when you pull the cards. I’ve written at least three pages in my journal today listening to you! I also love that you take the time to connect with us and share about you. Sending you so much love.”

— HJ

“Your energy and passion for being transparent and sharing your personal struggle to us is precious. Thank you for being you! You have a super sense of humor and the underwear shot was hysterical. THANK YOU FOR CONSTANTLY LEVELING US UP with these workshops... we're all transforming right along with you. Love you, Chris.”

— Anonymous

“Wow! You literally said verbatim what I just shared with my therapist around reevaluating how I spend my time and how I would to move into the future with work and school. This felt so aligned! Thank you!”

— Julia R.

“I am currently dealing with grief and a break up. Chris really helped me come to terms with my emotions and let go of what wasn’t serving me anymore. It brought me to tears releasing the energy and now I have a deeper sense of calm and peace. Thank you so much.”

— Anonymous.

“I needed ALL of that! Permission to let go of old thoughts/patterns, self-limiting beliefs, past feelings coming up, scarcity mindset and my outlook on money. It is so helpful and I appreciate the constant support in getting through and letting go for a better life. Thank you!”

— Rachel M.